An Attack of Assassination on Speaker of the Parliament, Mohamed Nasheed, A High-Risk Personnel

On the night of May 6, national security was risen to priority alert when a possible terrorist attack early in the night sent Ex-President and Speaker of the Parliament, Mohamed Nasheed and several members of his security detail and innocent bystanders rushing to the hospital.  

What is now deemed as a controlled detonation object was blasted under the seat of a parked motorbike in Neelofaru Magu, where the residence of Mohamed Nasheed is located. He reportedly fell onto the ground and was severely injured, despite being protected by a bodyguard who himself had injuries on his arms and legs.  

The event was a cowardly act of terrorism according to the Police who have deployed all available investigation and forensic teams in getting to the root of the blast. It is being investigated under the highest priority commands and a level 3 security alert has been issued across the country.  

The President, Ibrahim Mohamed Solih held an emergency Cabinet meeting following the explosion and discussed the steps taken immediately following the incident and ensuing investigations into the matter. He also condemned the incident in the strongest terms. The People’s Majlis also sat for an emergency meeting later that night that continued until a full medical update was received on the condition of Mohamed Nasheed. President Solih described the explosion as an attack on Maldives’ democracy and economy. Condemning the incident in the strongest of terms, the President assured that the government would take every necessary measure to ensure the safety and security of the people. 

Nasheed was taken to ADK Hospital with numerous injuries that were treated by a multi-specialty medical team. He underwent essential surgeries over 16 hours of initially being brought to the hospital, ending with a successful final, critical, life-saving procedure yesterday. Injuries were sustained to his head, chest, abdomen and limbs. ADK reports that Nasheed is in a critical condition in intensive care.  

The Police and Defence are working around the clock in investigating the matter. They will today be joined by a team from the Australian Federal Police for a swift and thorough insight into the terror attack that has questioned the security of the citizens and the ability of the authorities to protect them. Further, authorities are in discussion with U.K.’s Metropolitan Police Counter Terrorism Specialists regarding the investigation.  

The police have called on the public to share any relevant information of suspicious activity or behavior noted at the time or near the area regarding the May 6 terror attack to the hotline 9704000. Confidentiality and anonimity of the reporters will be maintained, says Police. They also urge the public to refrain from spreading min-information across various platforms and further damaging the concerning status of national security.  

The attack has caught the attention of global media, who strongly condemns the act and sends well wishes to the injured. They also stress on vigilant investigation into the attack. Two people have been arrested today in connection to the event.