Ministry of Education Decides to Cancel Edexcel A-Level Examinations Due to Paper Leaks

In light of the reported leaked papers of the Edexcel A-Level exams and rising concerns of the trustworthiness of the examination, Ministry of Education decided to cancel the process for this term.  

In a press conference held yesterday, Minister Aishath Ali stated that the reported leaks did not originate in the Maldives, however, the decision was taken to maintain a fair result among all students. 3 papers have been reported to be leaked as of now. The A-Level exams commenced on April 26th with participation from over 2800 students across the Maldives.  

As an alternative to the cancellation, students will be offered two options to compensate for the canceled exams, says Minister. Those who wish to retake the exams in the October-November 2021 session can avail themselves the opportunity from their respected examination centers and prepare to sit again. On the other hand, a teacher-based assessment is also planned for students at a date prior to the late Edexcel session.  

Even though the exam papers for the teacher-based assessment will be prepared by school teachers, it will be at par with the Edexcel exam standards and students will be graded for an Edexcel grade certification accordingly. Minister stated that efforts are in place to make complete exams with this arrangement by the end of July. Adding to her comments, Deputy Minister, Mohamed Ihsan also further stated that marks received by students in both the teacher-based assessments and mock exams will be sent to the Ministry to be provided to Edexcel by mid-July. The assessments are planned to be conducted within this month.