President Highlights The Importance Of Locals Playing Active Roles In Nation-Building On International Labor Day

On Saturday, and on the occasion of International Labor Day, President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih addressed the nation in which expressed well wishes and a fortuitous future to the workforce of Maldives on the day.

He also took it upon himself in this statement to stress on the importance of Maldivians taking up more active roles to build the nation. Accordingly, he notes that the country would see more comprehensive growth if its citizens – with their dynamic ideas and multitudes of talents – approached the kind of jobs that are presently largely dominated by foreign workers.

He also gave his assurance guaranteeing workers’ rights and strengthening existing labor laws is a priority of his administration. On this note, the President also highlighted how the state had repatriated over 16,000 foreign workers during the Covid-19 pandemic to safeguard jobs for the locals afflicted during the pandemic. In addition to this, amendments were made to the Employment Act in September of last year under the administration’s efforts to protect workers’ rights, which gave headway to introducing a minimum wage and other improvements that ensure their rights.

Nevertheless, he also acknowledges how workers still continue to face unjust hardships such as poor remuneration and inhumane working conditions – and promises a better future.
(Photo: President's Office)