Are You Interested In Making History By Joining Maldives’ First Space Mission?

In November last year, Institute for Global Success (IGS) launched the first-ever space program in the Maldives. Now the Institute is seeking interested parties to participate in the Maldives’ first-ever space mission.

Accordingly, those who have attained a first degree in the fields; aerospace engineering, electrical, electronic or mechanical engineering or computer sciences who are below the age of 35 quality as potential candidates. Interested persons complete their application through this link, before 7th May.
From the applicant, 12 members will be selected for the mission who will complete the world's first Nano-Satellite Engineering Professional certification. Training programs will be conducted by an expert team from the United States.

Maldives’ first space is mission is being carried out with financial and technical support from the KSF Space Foundation of the UK. Experts in the field from NASA, the European Space Agency and Elon Musk's Space X are members to the foundation who will be part of the Maldives’ first mission into outer space.

In this regard, KFS will be assisting IGS in supplying the needed to create prototype satellites, facilitating training for locals and in the launch of the satellite under the mission. 

(Photo: IGS)