Second Amendment To The Anti-Human Trafficking Act Receives President’s Ratification

On Wednesday, President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has ratified the second amendment to the Maldives Anti-Human Trafficking Act (Act no. 12/2013). The amendments to the Act were passed by the Parliament on Wednesday, 14th April 2021, at the 29th sitting of the first session of the People’s Majlis for this year. Following its ratification, the amendment has now been published in the Government Gazette.

The new amendment to Article 12 of the Act stipulates actions that constitute as trafficking of a person, whereas the amendment to Article 14 of the Act is concerning the trafficking of children. The new amendments state that transporting a child to the Maldives with the intent of exploiting them or transporting a child out of the country with the same intent, would be considered trafficking. Furthermore, moving a child within the country and recruiting them to a workforce while under a guardianship would also be considered as an act of trafficking. 

In addition to this, conspiring to traffic a person or a child, giving orders to traffic a child, and altering travel documents of a person being trafficked are all criminal acts under the new amendment. It also gives the state power to seize funds and assets that may be linked to trafficking.

(Photo: President's Office)