Your Quest For Books At Fuvamulah City Has Just Gotten Easier, Thanks To Bank of Maldives!

Launched in 2019, ‘Aharenge Bank Community Fund’ by Bank of Maldives Plc (BML) is aimed at empowering local individuals and non-governmental organizations to contribute to their communities by way of sustainable projects. Under this campaign, the bank provides funding for proposals presenting ideas of community-based sustainable projects. All winning proposals are granted MVR 50,000 to transform their ideas into reality.

One winning proposal in this regard was submitted by Fathimath Rasheed from Fuvamulah City which proposed to supply books to the Fuvamulah Library in order to provide students with necessary resources for their studies. Fathimath cites the lack of good books or bookstores in the island in a community where about 2464 students study in various grades and over 500 students study in the college campus consequent to which they struggle to gather ample information required to further the information they are taught at schools and college.

Under this project, over 400 books for different age groups were donated to the library that included English, Dhivehi and Islamic books in addition to textbooks for higher studies including those for A ‘level students. 

(Photos: BML)