Safe Drinking Water For All At Gaafu Alifu Atoll School With A Little Help From Bank Of Maldives!

Launched in 2019, ‘Aharenge Bank Community Fund’ by Bank of Maldives Plc (BML) is aimed at empowering local individuals and non-governmental organizations to contribute to their communities by way of sustainable projects. Under this campaign, the bank provides funding for proposals presenting ideas of community-based sustainable projects. All winning proposals are granted MVR 50,000 to transform their ideas into reality.

One winning proposal in this regard was submitted by Kolamaa Organization for the establishment of a safe drinking water system at Gaafu Alifu Atoll School. Under this project, safe drinking water is now at the hands of all students and staffs of the school through the establishment of an RO machine.

Prior to this, the water supply at the school was from desalination water and is not used due to concerns regarding quality of it consequent to which about 16, 500 single use plastic bottles are used each academic year. With the establishment of two RO machines ad 3 water dispensers, 114 students and staffs have easy access to safe drinking water while also eliminating single use plastic for which the NGO has donated reusable bottles for all.

Moreover, the ensure the success and sustainability of the project, Kolamaa Organization will conduct routine checks and regular maintenance on the RO machine, filters and water dispensers.

Commenting on the project, Shaama Thakhaan from Kolamaa Organization notes that they hope the project will change the way people think to benefit the environment.

(Photos: BML)