The Long Awaited Voting Day Is Finally Here, But Election Commission Projects A Low Voter Turnout Of 38-40%

Earlier this morning, voting on the Local Council Elections 2020 has commenced after the much awaited wait. This election will be contested by a total of 3,34 candidates - 2,264 candidates for the Island Councils and 1,670 candidates for the Women's Development Committee of islands. Whilst 30 candidates have been automatically elected to seats in councils, 90 candidates have been automatically elected to women’s development committees.

A total of 701 ballot boxes have been placed across the nation and in overseas locations. The voting stations are expected to close at 6pm following that they are no persons queuing up to vote. COVID-19 safety measures are being strictly adhered to at voting stations as guided by the Health Protection Agency.

As per the Elections Commissions, a total of 273,182 Maldivian nationals are eligible to cast their votes in this election. With the number of people queueing up to vote being low, the Commission has stated that they project a low voter turnout of 38-40% of the eligible voters. Authorities, however, advices voters to not delay their voting unless you are travelling to another island where you are registered to vote at.

The Commission further details that as of present only 32% of the eligible voters have casted their votes being 86,000.