Government Highlights Measures Taken To Control Prices Of Common Food Items For This Ramadan

During a special conference held yesterday, the Spokesperson at the President’s Office, Mr. Mabrook, relayed that the Government of Maldives will be taking special measures to ensure affordability and continued supply of staple food items and other essentials during the fasting month.

As Ramadan nears, problems surrounding price inflation of items and supply chain effects is observed almost every year.

To remedy this, the state-owned enterprise, AgroNat, has made agreements with 363 farmers and agricultural workers in the nation for the purpose. Moreover, the supply and stock items such as staple food items, eggs, onions and potatoes would not be disrupted during this Ramadan – with the Ministry of Economic Development has already taken measures to control the prices of staple foods in the country.

As reported by the State Trading Organizations, the following amounts of these items are presently in stock in Maldives:

- Rice: 10,000 sacks

- Flour: 50,000 sacks

- Sugar: 27,000 sacks

The Spokesperson further notes that the Government is working on further increasing the supply in addition to distribution of existing supply to the islands.

Furthermore, the government is also implementing measures to ensure the uninterrupted provision of electricity across the country, especially as Ramadan this year coincides with the hottest months of the year. 

(Photo: President's Office)