The Long Awaited Hiyaa Flat Draw Set To Begin On Thursday Has Thousands Of People Crossing Their Fingers!

Living at a flat at the social housing towers developed under the ‘Hiyaa Project’ in Hulhumale’ City Phase II is the dream of 6,270 flat winners announced earlier.

As per an announcement made by the Housing Development Corporation Limited (HDC) on Tuesday, the draw which will be conducted amongst these people upon the request of the government is set to take place this Thursday – however only to include those from the category H10; the category for persons with disabilities. The draw will be broadcasted live from the state news channel, PSM.

HDC details that the draw will take place amongst the winners set by the government in this category in the order of their national identity card numbers. After a draw is made, details of the flat number, floor and tower number will be displayed on television. The flat winner will also be notified the information via a text message.

As per Spokesperson of the President’s Office Mabrook Azeez, the keys for the winners will be issued accordingly sometime next month. However, down payment amounts on these apartments are yet to finalized and announced by the government.