Taxis Banned From Playing Music Without Consent From The Passenger As Per Revised Regulations

Today, the regulations regarding the operation of taxis in the Maldives have been revised and gazetted by the Maldives Transport Authority – effective of which taxis can no longer use sound-generating devises without the consent of passengers with the exception of communication devices.

Accordingly, the amendment requires the permission of passengers for the use of radio, televisions, music players and other such devices inside a taxi.

Whereas, each taxi is also mandated to have a communication device – a communication network must also be installed within the taxi which the driver can use to communicate with the taxi center. However, this must a communication network that is approved prior by the Maldives Transport Authority and any other applicable state authorities. It must also not be one that must be registered to a frequency at a government authority. Any communication that takes place through this network must be respectful and the use of foul language is strictly prohibited.