Explore More, Save More & Get More With VISA Debit Card By Maldives Islamic Bank!

The first and fully Shariah-compliant bank in the Maldives – Maldives Islamic Bank (MIB) – has made a brand new addition to its digital services with the introduction of Visa Debit Card. Internationally branded, the Islamic Debit Card will allow cardholders to make their payments from all local POS machines, access their accounts from all ATMs across the country and pay through all domestic online payment platforms; where VISA is accepted.

As its main offering, the Bank is also introducing VISA Debit Platinum Card and VISA Debit Gold Card. The former is a premium offering whereas the latter falls under the Bank’s new “everyday” branding.

Accordingly, the Gold Card will offer cardholders to a host of value-added features such as everyday benefits and more. The “everyday” benefits is a scheme that gives exclusive discounts and special offers to MIB cardholders from restaurants, shops, saloons, etc. More details regarding this can be found here. According to the Bank, they will be launching more value-added services under this umbrella in the upcoming weeks.

Maldives Islamic Bank (MIB) was brought to inception with an aim to provide an alternative to the public and businesses who wish to avail themselves to banking transactions and dealings in strict compliance to Islamic banking principles. The bank conducts its business in strict compliance with Shariah principles and guidelines and devoid of any element of interest, Gharar (uncertainty), Maisir (gambling) and unethical practices.

(Photo: MIB)