STO Announces Wildlife Conservation Drawing Competition for the Month of April

Launched in January, State Trading Organization has announced the Wildlife Conservation Drawing Competition for this month today. Themed around wildlife in the Maldives, the project is an initiation of STO to advocate its audience on the importance of sustainability and protecting our fragile environment through an interesting drawing competition.  

This month, the drawing to enhance is as below.  

Contestants are to use the canvases provided and use any medium as preferred to complete their drawings. Using the given animal as the main subject, you can go wild with your imagination and create a world of your own through your art.  

Once completed, submit your original masterpieces on either Facebook or Twitter page of STO and don’t forget to tag them in the post. Use the hashtag #DhivehiDhiriulhumaaiSTO when you upload. Deadline for the submittions is April 15, 2021 so get to the drawing boards now!  

Winners will be announced via the official handles of STO, and they are entitled to exciting prizes which includes a flat screen TV, a microwave and an air conditioner. As Ramazan is coming soon, these prizes can be very useful, don’t you think? 

Photos: STO