Government Expenditure Increases To MVR 5.9 Billion At The End Of The First 12 Weeks Of The Year

Today, Ministry of Finance have updated the weekly fiscal developments of the government which shows that state expenditure has increased up to MVR 5.9 billion at the end of the first 12 weeks of this year.

As per the stats, the largest proportion of state expenditure was spent on the wages and salaries of government employees which totally amounted to MVR 2.2 billion. The current expenditure of the state is totalized at MVR 15 million. MVR 840 million has been spent on subsidies and amenities – this figure is including MVR 330 million spend on the universal health insurance scheme – Aasandha. For loan repayments, the government had spent MVR 237.6 million. 

On the other hand, the stats show state earnings stood at MVR 4 billion for the same period. The biggest source of income in this regard has been through taxation amounting to MVR 3.3 billion. Non-tax income was calculated as MVR 741 million. The government also earned MVR 37 million through fines. 

(Photo: Ministry)