Cancer Society of Maldives Marks 8th Anniversary

The year 2020 has mostly been about the lethal global outbreak of COVID-19, which partially drew away attention from victims suffering from deadly diseases, such as different types of cancer. A non-governmental organization established and registered in Maldives; Cancer Society of Maldives (CSM) is actively operating to facilitate the needs of cancer patients and increasing awareness amongst general public regarding cancer, at their best capacity, even during the pandemic.

On 2nd October 2020, the NGO marked its 8th anniversary since establishment. They extended their gratitude towards all individuals and organizations who have supported them in their journey. CSM was founded by Mr. Hussain Rasheed, Ms. Afiya Ali and Dr. Abdul Malik.

Since their establishment, CSM acts to ensure that all cancer patients in Maldives have lifelong access to quality and affordable health facilities required and works to provide patients with accurate information they would need to know about what they are facing in order to make informed decision regarding health condition they are faced with. Additionally, they provide psychosocial support to cancer patients and their families during the treatment process as a support network in dealing with mental and emotional distress.

Further to this, the NGO hosts various awareness programs regarding cancer to the general public on different types of cancer, their methods of prevention and treatment choices in collaboration with stakeholders.

Cancer is a result of when cells that are not normal starts to grow out of control in a speedy rate in which they do not stop growing unlike normal cells. There are over 100 different types of cancer recognized and each is classified by the type of cell that it had initially affected.