‘HDC Beyond Hulhumalé’ Initiative

Hulhumale’ was developed as an extension of Male’ City and it is the largest land reclamation and urban development project carried out in the Maldives. A fully state owned company, Housing Development Corporation Limited (HDC) undertakes the overall planning and construction of the reclaimed city. Presently, HDC is ambitiously working towards transforming Hulhumale’ as the first sustainable city in Maldives.

HDC additionally takes another ambitious step by under their ‘HDC Beyond Hulhumalé’ initiative aiming to develop other regions of Maldives. They target to position themselves as the “master developer” in the light of having 23 years of experience in planning and development, where they plan to collaborate with and guide island councils and other relevant authorities to support sustainable urban development in other regions of the Country. It is a major expansion to the Company’s current scope of work and strategic goals.

(Photo: HDC)

Under the initiative, they aim to enhance projects underway for sustainable urban development in regions throughout Maldives by reflection on the successful achievements they have reached in their endeavors of urban development in Hulhumale’. In applying the same strategies as to what have been carried out under the development of Hulhumale, other regions will be developed through alignment with the current Governments goals in respective of Decentralization of the Country and Sustainable Development Goals set by United Nations Development Program.

HDC is hopeful that this initiative will produce equal opportunities, facilities and resources in other regions of the country just as it is easily accessible in the Greater Male’ Area.