SIEM by Dhiraagu Aspires To Oversee Your Security Landscape Holistically

Local telecommunications giant, Dhiraagu, has recently rolled out its latest technological solution – a cybersecurity security service: Security Information & Event Management (SIEM).

SIEM was carefully curated to encourage businesses to monitor their security landscape of their own network. It is a technology that aggregates data from various network sources and provides a holistic view of the IT infrastructure in the context of cybersecurity and compliance – all in one place.
This solution will help business IT teams to detect and respond to security incidents and generate compliance regulatory reports about security-related events for audits. Additionally, it has the capability to access a configurable real-time dashboard that allows you to efficiently administrate incidents.

Commenting on the introduction of this service, Dhiraagu notes that their aims is to help business customers with modern digital tools and solutions to meet their needs. Accordingly, it is a cutting-edge, real-time network monitoring with 24/7 security response.

If you wish to retain this service for your business or need help in choosing the appropriate package for your business, kindly get in touch with Dhiraagu’s sales team via email

(Photo: Dhiraagu)