Operation of Honeywell’s Ultraviolet Cabin Cleaning Technology by Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways is always committed to ensure that they provide the highest quality of services to passengers choosing to fly with them. Just last week they had announced the installation of on-board high-speed broadband connectivity in more than 100 aircrafts of their fleet. Via a press release on 28th September 2020, this time, the Airline has announced that they have become the first global carrier to operate Honeywell’s Ultraviolet Cabin Cleaning Technology.

(Photo: Qatar Airways)

Honeywell’s Ultraviolet Cabin Cleaning Technology is said to be approximately in an equal size of a beverage cart, which will primarily be operated by Qatar Aviation Services (QAS). The System comprises of extendable ultraviolet arms that has the ability to thoroughly tend to aircrafts seats, surfaces and cabins without the use of cleaning chemicals. Qatar Airways have received six Systems up to date whereas the Arline had expressed its intention on acquiring more units in order to operate them on-board of all aircraft turnarounds at Hamad International Airport (HIA), the sole international airport of the State of Qatar.

In clinical testing, ultraviolet light is shown to have been capable of inactivating various viruses and bacteria when properly applied. Amidst the global COVID-19 pandemic, the utilization of the System on-board is an increased health and safety measure for the passengers and crew members.