The Reebok GT40S Treadmill: A State Of The Art Machine That Perfectly Blends Running & Comfort

Many experts consider exercise to be closest thing to a miracle drug. As a form of cardio exercise that is easily accessible, running is one of the most straightforward way to get the important benefits of exercise and consequently the way most people prefer to get their daily dose of a healthy workout. Whereas most people take running outdoors, the pandemic has forced them to take other measures. Fitness equipment sales saw a sharp increase during the lockdown measures – of course including treadmills.

There are plenty of treadmills to choose from when you consider what to purchase. But, is there such as thing as a perfect treadmill? We definitely think so after getting introduced to the Reebok One GT40S Treadmill.

On the top of my mind, the machine’s looks are striking with its nice curved frame, large console area, and the red detailing. The long specification it comes with implies that the designers put a lot of thought and efforts into this state-of-art, functional machine.

The Reebok One GT40S Treadmill is the best option for those that are searching for a balance between intensity and comfort. It features a 2HP motor, the GT40S lets you run up to 16kph (9.9mph) on its generously sized 130 x 43cm running area. Vital run statistics such as speed, time, distance, calories burned, pulse, and incline are also displayed on the clear 5" LCD blue backlit display – much more than most basic home treadmills. Moreover, it is equipped with 40 workout programs to keep exercise varied every time you step on.

Whilst the definite focus here is the quality of the workout, the GT40S does not forget the comfort of its users. In this aspect, the machine is equipped with Reebok ONE Series Cushioning which takes the natural gait cycle of running and divides it up into three distinct transitional zones – contact, midstance and propulsion – which are built into the treadmill's running deck. These zones are designed to mimic the natural movement and transition of the human foot, helping to make running more efficient and comfortable. There is also the sturdy frame with comfortable handrails. As controls for the speed and incline are within the handrails, users need not to worry about their balance, or losing pace, when trying to up their intensity. Then there is the addition of the music system within the console for a different type of comfort.

Now where can you find this gem in the Maldives, right? A little birdie tells us that the largest sporting goods retailer in the Maldives – Sonee Sports – brings home this magnificent machine. When you make your treadmill purchase from Sonee Sports, its comes with a 6-month warranty. They also offer free delivery and installation within Male’ & Hulhumale’. Shop in-store or make your purchase online now!