Things We Can Expect From The New Legislation Pertaining To Tour Operators & Tour Agents In The Maldives

On Thursday, the first of a series of discussions pertaining to the formulation of a special legislation to regulate tour operators and tour agents operating in the Maldives was held at the People's Majilis.

Speaking at the inaugural session, the Minister of Tourism, Dr. Abdulla Mausoom, notes that this legislation will provide security for local tour operators and tour agencies that are head to head with international parties in the competitive arena of global tourism through offering them special benefits of local residency. The special benefits of local residency would allow tour operators and tour agencies to reap the benefits of being associated with one country despite not being based there. In this regard, the Minister notes that it is the responsibility of the government to provide security to companies from their nation that are completing in the global arena.

The Minister also highlights on protecting national interests and those of local businesses in the perspective of modernized free trade with other countries as it is deemed the best course of action for any country from an economic stand. This is expected to lead to retaining the foreign currency entering the country within the nation in the most beneficial manner. 

(Photos: People's Majilis)