The Government Shares New Holistic Approach To Resolve Public Housing Issues

On Wednesday, the second in the series of press conferences organized by the Spokesperson at the President’s Office, Mr. Mohamed Mabrook Azeez, was held where the government shared insight into the administration’s new policy to resolve the public housing issues. Panelists in addition to the Spokesperson included of the Minister of National Planning, Housing and Infrastructure, His Excellency Mohamed Aslam and the State Minister of National Planning, Housing and Infrastructure, Mr. Akram Kamaludeen.

The Minister reiterates the administration’s view that social housing must be allocated to those that deserved it the most. Hence, the new policy will not consider eligibility for housing based on an applicants’ profession or age but rather their living condition and financial status. Accordingly, the government plans to introduce housing schemes in four income bands from now on ranging from low- to high-income categories.

Speaking regarding the progress of projects presently underway, the Spokesperson noted that three projects had been completed over the past week whereas three brand new projects were initiated. Over the past month, the government began 16 projects, while another seven were completed.