Can The New Flying School By Villa Air Be The Solution Students Needed All Along?

A subsidiary of the Villa Group, Villa Air has announced that they were closing in on the final stages of establishing a flying school in the Maldives. Speaking to local media outlets the Managing Director of Villa Air, Mr. Abdulla Nashid, notes that they have submitted a letter of interest to the Maldives Civil Aviation Authority regarding the matter. He also details that they have completed compiling the flying school manual which will be sent to Maldives Civil Aviation Authority for review by next month.

The flying school is set to be located at the Villa International Airport at Maamigili in Alif Dhaalu Atoll that is managed by Villa Air. Preparations are already underway for this whereas they are setting up training facilities and creating hangers that are needed to park the training flights. The flying school will be run under a joint effort with Villa College.

Mr. Abdulla Nashid, notes the initiative is due to the importance of the aviation industry to the tourism sector due to the geographical formation of the country hence it is of importance and also in demand that locals be trained in the field.

This news comes at a time where the only flying school in the Maldives, Addu Flying School in Addu City has been under heavy criticism for their mismanagement by students for matters such as charging excessive tuition fees, extending the duration of the courses and not conducting the required classes on time and such. The issue escalated to a point where the Parliamentary Committee on National Development and Heritage intervened on the matter and decided that students were to be compensated. 

(Photo: Flyme)