Maldives Sets An Example Of Vaccine Equality With Commencement Of Vaccination For Undocumented Migrants

Whilst a large portion of the Maldivian population comprises of migrant workers – a significant number of these migrants live undocumented and in extremely poor conditions. Nevertheless, they are humans just like the rest of us and they are entitled to all the rights that we benefit from. This includes their right for vaccination against COVID-19 as well.

In an exemplary move led by the Maldivian Red Crescent (MRC) in collaboration with other health-related authorities, undocumented migrants were included in the nationwide vaccination drive whereas inoculation of the first dose of the vaccine began yesterday afternoon at the Islamic Center.
Undocumented migrants are being registered for vaccination through the beneficiary system of MRC. Accordingly, undocumented migrants who have not registered are still urged to contact the MRC’s Migrant Support Center hotline numbers - 9114584 or 9114512 – to register for the beneficiary system.

MRC and those else involved garnered international attention over social media for this move with numerous people acknowledging this as “true vaccine equity” and congratulating them including the heads of The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies.
On the other hand, documented migrants who are also included in the vaccination drive must register for vaccination through Health Protection Agency’s Portal: or through their employees.
(Photos: MRC)