ComFood’s New Outlet Is A Bigger And A Better Home For Everyone

Just recently, ComFood has made headlines with the opening of a second outlet. Located in the busiest street in the city, Majeedhee Magu, the new outlet is much more spacious and is divided into an air-conditioned compartment and an open area. Of course, it retains much of the aspects from its counterpart – a funky wooden signboard in shape of a sperm whale; plenty pretty potted plants; aesthetic artworks; great food; good vibes and friendly faces. But the new outlet comes with more variety along with a healthy-food trope for both dine-in and takeaways.

ComFood began their journey as a simple coffee joint with limited varieties on 5th March 2019. Since then, they have garnered attention for their unique networking and wholesome interactions with customers combined with their signature twist on ‘comfort food’ – for which they are named after.

At ComFood, customers are more than customers – especially the regulars. They are friends and even family to the team at ComFood to a point where it is more than usual to see regulars serve themselves or even other customers amongst other things such as taking care of their empty dishes or even handling the cash register. Their devotion and love for ComFood do not stop here. Much of the artworks and potted plants which make up the interior are complements from the regulars.

Of course, ComFood would not be what it is without their amazing food. With a strong touch of local flavors on every item available, food at ComFood are innovatively prepared in a way that it is easy to eat which some of their most popular and bite-sized dishes like the Boava Roll, Valhomas Wrap, Thai Chicken Stick and Cream Jehi Banas stands testament to. Better yet, the food is definitely worth the price and nothing but good. Nevertheless, ComFood does not stick to a set menu and goes by “the mood” for the day in addition to the availability of ingredients in the market on a particular day.

For all that it is, ComFood is definitely the most laid-back place – somewhat of a second home – to unwind with friends with the addition of good food as a bonus. So, drop in for your daily dose of comfort food and a good time at ComFood’s new outlet during any time between 9 o’clock in the morning to 9 o’clock in the night! Do not let this stop you from dropping by the first outlet either, for the reason that there is no such thing as enough ComFood.