Male’-Hulumale’-Hulhule’ To Be Connected Via A Fibre Network Under The Greater Male’ Digital Connectivity Vision

Under the vision of the Greater Male’ Digital Connectivity, work has commenced to connected Male’ City, Hulhumale’ City & Hulhule’ Island via a fiber network. This is a project which is being conducted foreign company after having been assigned to it by the Ministry of Communication, Science and Technology. The project will expand to include Vilimale’ and Thilafushi in the future.

As part of the project, an NCIT fiber cable network k will be established in an 8KM area encompassing Hulhumale’ City and Hulhule’ Island. Being the largest network to be established by the government in order to digitally connect the islands, it will include a 96 core full redundancy fiber ring network. Once the network is in place, it is expected to reduce the recurrent expenses of the government related to communication. Government offices along with public and private companies will be invited to join the network once it is up and running.

Further commenting on the project, the Ministry stresses on the importance of embedding duct systems and cable management systems in roads, bridges and other infrastructure development projects to create a pathway for communication network expansions in the future.