Preparations Phase Near Completion For A ‘Weekend Market’ In Male’ City

During last year, Male’ City Mayor, Ms. Aishath Shifa disclosed that they had commenced preparations to facilitate a ‘weekend market’ aimed towards small businesses.

A majority of local small businesses situated in Male’ City had been significantly impacted by the downward spiral of our economy due to the widespread coronavirus throughout the country. Accordingly, Male’ City Council hopes that this becomes a platform of recovery for these businesses while effectively generating additional income at the same time as this is an opportunity to cater to a larger audience than they normally could to. A special focus would be on all types of home-based businesses selling food, snacks, clothes, local products, artwork etc. 

Reporting recent developments regarding the matter, the Mayor notes that preparations were nearing completion whereas they have applied for relevant permits needed from the Ministry of Economic Development.

The market will be held at an allocated area at the Male’ Industrial Village. About 120 spaces will be allocated for businesses to market and sell their products. In the remaining spaces chances will be allocated to showcase talents such as a chance for musicians to perform, for story reading, for painting etc.

Nevertheless, a date is yet to be set due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and its severity at the moment.

In the future, Male’ City Council will be organizing similar opportunities for small business owners in Vilimale’ as well.