Regulation On Protecting Living Organism In Its Natural Or Original Form Comes Into Force

On Yesterday, the ‘Regulation On Protecting Living Organism In Its Natural Or Original Form’ was published on the Government Gazette which is a regulation formulated by the Ministry of Environment under the Environmental Protection and Conservation Act (Law No: 4/93) regarding the protection of animals and organisms found in the Maldives.

As per the regulation, action will be taken against those who violate the rules set forth within. Accordingly, they will be fined between an amount ranging from MVR 30, 000 to MVR 100,000.

Apart from this, the regulation focuses on the formulation of a management plan for protection and conservation, compiling a list of endangered species, registration of centers to look after protected species and conducting research on the same. It also mandates the Ministry of Environment to set out a standard to practice in managing the protection and conservation of endangered species in the country within the span of a year.

In the Maldives, numerous marine and land animal species have been declared protected over the years including varieties of whales, sharks, turtles, birds etc.
(Photo Credit: Mike Korostelev)