Maldives To Administer Second Dose Of COVID-19 Vaccine Following Eight Weeks After The First Jab

The Maldives began its vaccination drive against COVID-19 on 1st February 2021. As of yesterday, a total of 56,218 have received the first dose of the vaccine. Vaccination is currently carried out in 8 centers in the Male’ area and 66 centers in the atolls.

During a press conference held at the Health Emergency Operations Center (HEOC), Dr. Nazla Musthafa revealed that the stakeholders will begin administering the second dose of the vaccine following an eight-week gap after the administration of the first dose. The decision was reached in the light of the latest research and instructions from the World Health Organization (WHO) and Maldives Technical Advisory Group on Immunization (MTAGI) as findings show that efficacy of the second dose being administered after 8 weeks was more effective as opposed to vaccination after 4 weeks.

Whilst it has come to light that cases have surfaced where some people had tested positive for the virus after receiving the first dose of the vaccine, Dr. Nazla stresses on the fact that it would take time for the vaccine to come into effect. It is likely that they had contracted the virus prior to the jab.
Vaccination cuts down the chances of being infected by the virus by 60 percent after two weeks of receiving the first dose of the jab. The figure is increased to 70 percent two weeks after receiving the second dose.

Nevertheless, Dr. Nazla further reminds us that vaccination is not a cure but rather a tool to fight the pandemic. People have started to become careless after being vaccinated. Hence, it is still just as important to take precautions and fully adhere to all safety measures imposed by the authorities.