MAJOIE Maldives: A Project To Empower Maldivian Women In The Local Islands

In 2013, Nadia Laouina, an organic skincare expert, visited the inhabited islands of the southernmost atoll in the Maldives, Addu City. Most people who visit any of the islands in the nation is shocked by its beauty, but it was something entirely else that shocked Nadia. Whilst there were so many women residing in the islands, most of these women were staying to perform household duties and to take care of children whilst their husbands were away in nearby resorts as the sole breadwinner to support the family. Moreover, there are few job opportunities on the islands themselves. Consequently, the women in the local islands are fully dependent on their husbands for financial support. For Nadia who grew up in an environment where women were independent and had equal job opportunities, she was immensely taken back. Thus, when she left the island, she left it with a vision to return one day and help empower these women.

In 2018, she returned to the islands to make her dreams come true and founded MAJOIE Maldives – a sustainable luxury skincare brand with a mission to create positive impact and change in the lives of Maldivian women in local islands by providing an opportunity to work from their home and generate a sustainable income. A work with dignity, not charity.

Accordingly, through the Beyond Sustainable Project – a MAJOIE Maldives collaboration with the NGO Meedhoo Ekuveringe Cheynu – high-quality training and business skills are offered to their woman in Addu City – completely free of charge. Classes that are offered both in English and Dhivehi consists of theoretical and practical components. In practical classes, women are taught to make simple products which does not require much expertise such as soap and oil using tropical materials available in their islands – mostly coconuts. All the basic material needed for this are provided to them. In theoretical components, they are taught how to grow their own business, product branding, designing and marketing, financial management and women’s rights etc. At present, these women sustainably handpick and curates one of the main ingredients used in the products of MAJOIE Maldives, The King coconut oil.

Whilst a big part of MAJOIE Maldives is about women empowerment, the other part focuses on sustainability. Their products are made locally in a lab in Addu City, using only the finest ingredients that 100% natural, organic, wildcrafted, cruelty-free and sustainably harvested without harming an inch of our precious earth. MAJOIE Maldives is not a friend of plastics hence uses bamboo and glass for packaging. Furthermore, they practice bottle recycling as customers can choose to visit their boutique with an empty bottle for a refill of the product.

Recently, MAJOIE Maldives have opened their newest boutique in Male’ City. At the boutique, you can seek skincare consultations from Nadia herself. In the near future, you will also be able to enjoy beauty treatments such as Hydrafacial, Mesotherapy, LED therapy and etc. which is already available at the MAJOIE Maldives’ boutique in Addu City. For those residing outside of Maldives, international shipping is also available through their website.