A Throwback To Colorful Events Held By Clique College In The Past Years For Their Students

Clique College is a fully-fledged leading college in the Maldives duly committed to providing higher education of quality and has been in the business for twenty long years. Whilst education is a crucial aspect of literally every existing college, Clique College understands and acknowledges that it can often be a huge stress factor in a students’ life. This is exactly why they promise their students a vibrant and exciting student life with loads of activities throughout the academic year.

In this regard, here are highlights of some fun activities that have been held in the past. The representative body of the students of Clique College – Student Association of Clique College (SACC) – has played a vital role in the planning and successful execution of these events.

Overseas Study Tour

The College has organized several learning expeditions to foreign countries in the past. In these expeditions, students have the chance to visit industry offices, factories, places with business and strategic value to grasp the procedures and technology and understanding how it will be implementable in the Maldives. Upon return, students must submit a detailed PowerPoint presentation on their research and findings.

(Dubai Learning Expedition 2015)

This is a golden opportunity for students to explore real problems and big ideas that require them to conduct original research, think critically, engage in problem-solving, and build character and academic skills.

This is an ice breaker event held between new enrollees and existing students of the college where students go on trips to islands filled with recreational and lots of competitive activities. In addition to fun-filled activities, students also take part in donating books to school libraries in the islands and conduct cleaning-ups of parks and other areas of islands.

(Heyboanara 2015)

Sports Tournaments
Clique College regularly organizes a variety of sports tournaments for their students such as football, netball, volleyball etc. The college also facilitates the opportunity for students to compete in intercollege or other national and international sports tournaments.

(Volleyball Tournament 2014)

E-Sports Tournaments
For students who lean more towards video games instead of physical sports, e-sports tournaments are held too, individually or as teams with the latest trending games involved.