Hulhumale’ City Is Taking A Step Into the Digitalized World

In today’s digital world, a high-speed network infrastructure is a necessity to cater to current and future demand in an evolving world, providing high-speed internet, video, data, telephony and other network services. All this effectively enhances lifestyles and facilitates equal and affordable opportunity in the society in terms of connectivity and engagement. Seeing the importance of this in urban cities, Housing Development Corporation Limited (HDC), has initiated an open access network deployment in Hulhumale’ City Phase II to future proof the city.

In an open access network concept, a fiber network will be used to deliver multiple services via one common cable which means that each service provider can provide their services using the same cable network infrastructure. This creates fast service provisioning with relatively low operational costs for multiple service providers and also makes maintenance much easier as it eliminates the need for excavating and trenching of the roads.

Some of the key benefits the open access network will achieve according to HDC is as follows:

• Easy and reliable access for everyone
• Quick service turn-up
• Opens opportunity for gaming and virtual reality
• Single platform for SMEs, enabling central office connectivity, creating centralized triple play services
• Energy-efficient environment, with connected smart devices
• High-quality video streaming

In addition to this, with the establishment of the open access network, it will branch out various other smart city initiatives as well, ranging from video surveillance, automated parking, smart street lighting to telemedicine, and much more. 

(Photo: HDC)