CENEx – Connecting the World with You

Centurion Plc has shared via tweet today that they had launched the official website for the of their express services, Cenex (styled as CENEx). Cenex offers express services to support people in a business and/or personal capacity. Their services are provided across many countries; some of them being Singapore, China, Sri-Lanka and Australia.

The following are details of some services currently provided by Cenex.

Cenex Express

Photo: CENEx

This is a premium courier services with add-valued options of getting small parcels delivered at their convenient time and place.

Cenex Express Courier Services offer;

  • Pure Parcel Service
  • Procurement and Supply
  • Pharma Prescription Supply

Cenex E-commerce

Photo: CENEx

Cenex E-coomerce break the geographic limitation for cross broader online shopping to Maldives. They aim to enhance online shopping experiences with the most cost effective solution.

Cenex Business Solution

Photo: CENEx

Provision of the most effective and attractive package to support your business operations. It also enables your e-commerce logistics from point of purchase to local island delivery in Maldives.
Cenex Local

Photo: CENEx

Finally, Cenex Local connect islands to islands in Maldives by handling all kinds of cargo across the nation from and to Male. Packages can be sent to your beloved at home or support your business in local island.

Additionally, Cenex also welcomes interested persons in E-commerce business having time and resources to join them as a strategic partner to provide add-valued services across Maldives.