New Kiosks Installed in Hulhumalé Phase 2 Beach Area

The Housing Development Corporation (HDC), responsible for managing Hulhumalé, has started setting up kiosks in the "ruh gandu" and beach area of Hulhumalé Phase 2. This initiative replaces the food huts that were previously located in the area.

The food huts were demolished by HDC earlier this year due to their operation without permits and failure to clear the area despite receiving multiple notices. At the time, HDC stated that the clearance was necessary to properly develop the area.

An official from HDC has confirmed that the installation of the kiosks is underway. However, the criteria for issuing these kiosks have yet to be decided as the work is still ongoing.

In Phase 1 of Hulhumalé, HDC has already installed similar kiosks. These are leased to applicants and are regularly monitored by the corporation to ensure proper operation and maintenance.

HDC's effort to install these new kiosks aims to enhance the organization and development of Hulhumalé, providing a more regulated and aesthetically pleasing environment for residents and visitors alike.