Dhiraagu and Clean Maldives Launch 'Go Green 2024'

Dhiraagu has launched a special tree plantation program, 'Go Green 2024,' in Hulhumale' in collaboration with Clean Maldives, a local environment agency. This significant initiative aims to support the government's 5 million trees plantation program, in line with President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu's pledge to create a greener environment during his tenure.

The 'Go Green 2024' program was inaugurated by the Minister of Climate Change, Environment, and Energy, Thoriq Ibrahim. The event marked a strong commitment to environmental preservation and showcased the collaborative efforts of various organizations in promoting sustainable practices.
As part of the program, a diverse array of 1000 trees were planted in Phase 2 of Hulhumale'. The tree varieties included sea lettuce, ironwood trees, sea hibiscus, portia trees, and palm trees. Dhiraagu contributed significantly to this initiative by gifting a total of 225 trees.

In addition to Dhiraagu and Clean Maldives, the Housing Development Corporation (HDC), Hard Rock Hotel Maldives, officials from EyeCare Maldives, and volunteers participated in the tree plantation program. This collective effort highlights the importance of community involvement in environmental conservation and underscores the collaborative spirit necessary to achieve large-scale ecological goals.

Preserving the environment is a core component of Dhiraagu's Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program. The 'Go Green 2024' initiative reflects the company's dedication to sustainability and its proactive approach to fostering a healthier, greener Maldives. By engaging in activities that promote environmental stewardship, Dhiraagu demonstrates its commitment to corporate citizenship and its responsibility towards future generations.

The successful execution of the 'Go Green 2024' program not only contributes to the national tree plantation target but also serves as an inspiration for other organizations and individuals to partake in environmental preservation efforts. It underscores the impact of coordinated actions and the positive outcomes that can be achieved through shared responsibility and dedication.