Bank of Maldives Introduces USD ATM Service in Maafushi

The Bank of Maldives (BML) has unveiled its new USD ATM service in Kaafu Maafushi island, marking a significant step towards enhancing financial convenience for both individuals and businesses. This strategic move, introduced today, makes it the first USD ATM outside of Male’ City, further expanding BML’s extensive ATM network.
The newly installed ATM at BML’s Maafushi Branch will facilitate easy and convenient USD withdrawals and deposits, catering to the growing financial needs of the island's residents and businesses. This initiative is part of BML’s commitment to providing 24/7 banking services and supporting the vibrant economy of Maafushi.
“We are delighted to introduce the first USD ATM in Maafushi to cater to the growing need for USD deposits and withdrawals on the island. The Maafushi economy is thriving and as the nation’s biggest bank, we are here to support individuals and businesses with 24/7 banking," said Moosa Nimal, BML’s Director of Retail, Business and SME Banking.
In addition to the new USD ATM, BML recently expanded its services at the Maafushi Branch, transforming it into a full-fledged branch. The enhanced branch now offers a comprehensive range of banking solutions, including USD deposits and withdrawals, loan and financing applications, cheque deposits, issuing statements, and currency exchange.
The introduction of the USD ATM in Maafushi complements BML’s existing ATM network in Male’, Hulhumale’, and Velana International Airport, providing wider access to essential banking services across the Maldives. This development underscores BML’s dedication to supporting economic growth and financial accessibility in various regions.
With a robust nationwide network comprising 38 branches across all 20 atolls, 86 Self Service Banking Centres, 144 ATMs, and cash agents in all inhabited islands, BML continues to lead in providing comprehensive banking solutions. Additionally, its full suite of Digital Banking services ensures that customers have seamless access to financial services, regardless of their location.
BML’s initiatives in Maafushi reflect its broader strategy to support local economies and enhance banking convenience for all customers. By introducing the USD ATM and expanding branch services, BML aims to meet the diverse financial needs of individuals and businesses, fostering a more inclusive and efficient banking environment in the Maldives.
As the nation’s largest bank, BML remains committed to driving financial innovation and accessibility, ensuring that its services are readily available to support the dynamic needs of the Maldivian community. The new USD ATM in Maafushi is a testament to BML’s continuous efforts to bring advanced banking solutions closer to its customers, promoting financial growth and stability across the islands.
In summary, the introduction of the USD ATM service in Maafushi is a significant milestone for BML, enhancing financial accessibility and convenience for the island's thriving economy. With expanded services and a strong commitment to community support, BML continues to set the benchmark for banking excellence in the Maldives.