Ooredoo Maldives Kicks Off Euro 2024 Celebrations with Exciting Offers and Competitions

As Euro 2024 approaches, Ooredoo Maldives is gearing up to make this football season unforgettable with a series of exclusive offers and activities. Football enthusiasts across the Maldives can look forward to an array of promotions and competitions designed to enhance their viewing experience and engagement with the tournament.
Exclusive Sony LIV Packs
One of the standout offers from Ooredoo is the exclusive Sony LIV Pack. For just MVR 250, customers can enjoy a Sony LIV membership paired with 100GB of free data for 30 days. This package ensures fans can stream all the Euro 2024 matches live without worrying about data limits, providing seamless access whether at home or on the go.
Interactive Fun with Futuboalha Foari on Ooredoo SuperApp
Ooredoo’s SuperApp is the hub for two exciting features: Spin the Wheel and Guess the Score.
Spin the Wheel
The “Spin the Wheel” feature offers daily prizes to participants. Customers can earn additional tickets to spin the wheel through various monetary transactions. Prizes include Moolee coupons, extra data packs, m-Faisaa cash-ins, and more, adding a layer of daily excitement to the football season.
Guess the Score
Football enthusiasts can participate in the “Guess the Score” contest on the Ooredoo SuperApp. By predicting match outcomes, participants stand a chance to win enticing prizes, with the grand prize being a PlayStation Kit. This kit includes a PlayStation 5 Console Disc Version, PlayStation Portal Remote Player, PlayStation VR, and PS5 FIFA 2024, making it a dream come true for any gamer and football fan.
Euro Fantasy League
For those who enjoy strategic gameplay, Ooredoo is reintroducing the Euro Fantasy League. Participants can create their dream football teams and compete for a grand prize of MVR 25,000. This league provides an engaging platform for fans to immerse themselves in the tournament by managing and strategizing their own teams.
Ooredoo Nation: Road to Euro
Gaming enthusiasts can look forward to the “Ooredoo Nation: Road to Euro” 2-on-2 FIFA PlayStation tournament. With a prize pool of MVR 30,000, this tournament promises intense competition and fun. It blends the excitement of virtual football with the real-world thrill of Euro 2024, catering to both gamers and football fans.
Commitment to Football Fans
Ooredoo Maldives’ Euro 2024 activities reflect its commitment to delivering unparalleled excitement and engagement to football fans across the nation. The curated Euro Packs, interactive contests, fantasy league, and gaming tournament are all part of Ooredoo’s efforts to create memorable experiences that bring the community together.
By offering these dynamic and interactive opportunities, Ooredoo Maldives ensures that Euro 2024 will be a season of joy, competition, and community spirit. Whether through the thrill of winning prizes or the camaraderie of shared football passions, Ooredoo is set to make this football season one to remember.