MATI's 34th Annual General Meeting: Key Insights and Ministerial Engagement

The Maldives Association of Tourism Industry (MATI) convened its 34th Annual General Meeting (AGM) at Kurumba Maldives, drawing a significant attendance of 100 members. Chaired by Mr. Mohamed Umar, the session covered a diverse agenda reflecting the industry's pressing concerns and future trajectory.
Key highlights included the review and adoption of the Annual Report and Financial Reports for 2023, approval of the 2024 budget, and the appointment of auditors for the upcoming year. The meeting also saw the election of executive board members to fill two vacant positions.
Industry-wide discussions centered on critical themes such as sustainability, renewable energy, employment challenges, and environmental conservation. Members engaged in robust dialogues on government initiatives, including plans to achieve net-zero emissions and advancements in renewable energy generation.

Ministerial presence added depth to the proceedings, with Hon. Ibrahim Faisal and Hon. Mohamed Saeed providing insights into the economic outlook and forthcoming development plans. The Q&A session allowed members to directly address pertinent issues affecting the Tourism Industry, fostering collaboration and mutual understanding.
A comprehensive video presentation showcased MATI's extensive efforts in 2023 and provided insights into the sector's performance and human resource capacity. The Secretary General emphasized the significance of collective action in addressing industry challenges, noting the promising start to the year in terms of arrivals.
The AGM concluded with the election of Executive Board Members, welcoming Ibrahim Shareef and Renato De Olivera to fill vacant positions. Their diverse expertise reflects MATI's commitment to fostering leadership diversity and industry representation.
The 34th MATI AGM served as a platform for constructive dialogue, strategic planning, and collaborative initiatives, underscoring the association's pivotal role in steering the Maldives' vibrant tourism sector towards sustainable growth and resilience.