Tree Top Hospital Launches Free Cervical Cancer Screening Campaign 2024

Tree Top Hospital (TTH) is proud to announce the commencement of its Free Cervical Cancer Screening Campaign 2024, aimed at promoting early detection and prevention of cervical cancer among the public.
Led by a team of dedicated experts including Consultant Dr. Akansha, Dr. Sajana, and Dr. Aditi, the screening camp will be conducted at the Women’s Clinic, 3rd Floor, Consultation Room 311 or 312, Tree Top Hospital. Scheduled from February 19th to 28th, 2024 (excluding weekends), the screenings will take place between 20:00 hrs to 22:00 hrs.
The campaign's primary objective is to enhance awareness and detect abnormalities at early stages, facilitating timely interventions and preventive measures. With a daily capacity of 10 guests, the screening will span eight days, ensuring accessibility for all.
Participants will benefit from free consultations during the event. Further consultations, if needed based on investigations, will be offered as chargeable services. Prior to attending, participants are advised not to be menstruating, to be married, and to have not undergone a pap smear screening in the past two years.
As a leading healthcare provider in the Maldives, TTH is dedicated to delivering exceptional care with clarity and compassion. The initiative reflects TTH's commitment to providing convenient and accessible healthcare services for guests and their families.
For more information and reservations, guests can contact 3351610 or email