MACL Launches Annual Visionary Forum “Takeoff 2024” to Shape Velana International Airport's Future

Maldives Airports Company Limited (MACL) inaugurated its annual visionary forum, “Takeoff 2024,” today, marking a pivotal moment in shaping the future of Velana International Airport (VIA).
The forum aims to provide clarity by sharing departmental focus and aligning collective strategies to achieve MACL’s ambitious goals for 2024. Held over two days at Crossroads Maldives, the event saw the participation of MACL’s Managing Director and CEO Ibrahim Shareef Mohamed, along with deputy Managing Directors, Division Heads, Department Heads, and Section Heads, dedicated to fostering collaboration and strategic alignment within the organization.
Mr. Ibrahim Shareef Mohamed emphasized the importance of swift adaptation and foresight in navigating the evolving air travel industry landscape. He stressed the need to avoid obsessively focusing on short-term goals, which could jeopardize future success.
MACL plans to conclude the year 2024 with the second session of this bi-annual forum, further solidifying its commitment to shaping the future of VIA through strategic planning and collaboration.