President Dr Muizzu Elevates Aasandha, Encompassing Free Check-ups and IVF Services

In a groundbreaking development, President Dr Mohamed Muizzu has unveiled transformative enhancements to the Aasandha universal healthcare insurance scheme. During a press conference following a Cabinet meeting, President Muizzu revealed that routine medical check-ups and In-vitro fertilisation (IVF) services would now be offered free of charge under the Aasandha Scheme.
Underlining the government's commitment to preventive care, President Muizzu emphasized the importance of medical check-ups in mitigating non-communicable diseases and fostering a healthier lifestyle. Customized packages targeting specific age groups and bi-annual disease profiling services, guided by doctors' recommendations, aim to reduce the prevalence of life-threatening conditions.
Addressing the financial strain on patients opting for higher-standard hospitals abroad, President Muizzu assured that the Aasandha Scheme would cover the cost difference, providing relief to individuals seeking superior healthcare services. The introduction of a comprehensive grading mechanism for overseas hospitals participating in the Aasandha Scheme ensures transparency and accountability in the quality of healthcare services.

President Muizzu's third commitment involves the inclusion of IVF in the fertility treatments covered by the Aasandha Scheme. Plans to amend regulations, along with the formulation and publication of a policy outlining IVF coverage, are in progress. The government's decision to establish a dedicated Fertility Care Centre, coupled with a supporting fund, underscores the commitment to addressing fertility-related challenges within the Aasandha framework.
These transformative changes mark a significant step towards a more comprehensive and inclusive healthcare system, aligning with the administration's commitment to prioritize preventive care and alleviate financial burdens on patients seeking advanced medical treatments.