Urbanco Spearheads Massive Cleanup Campaign in Hulhumale'

In a dedicated effort to preserve the cleanliness of Hulhumale', Urbanco, under the guidance of Managing Director Fazul Rasheed, initiated a significant cleanup campaign starting on November 30. The company's employees tirelessly worked to clear a substantial amount of garbage from various areas, including Phase 1, Phase 2, and the Shelter area, totaling 60 tonnes.

Urbanco, known for its commitment to fostering a clean and comfortable environment in Hulhumale', has consistently undertaken cleanup initiatives. This recent campaign aligns with their 'Dengi Ijaaba' efforts, focusing on reducing mosquito breeding by cleaning various areas of Hulhumale'. Urbanco emphasizes individual responsibility in waste collection and urges safe disposal to ensure a cleaner Hulhumale' for all residents, appreciating the continued cooperation of the community in such social initiatives.