Government Responds to ACC Directive, Delays Housing Allocations Amidst Investigation

In response to the Anti-Corruption Commission's (ACC) directive, the government has temporarily halted housing allocations. Minister of Housing, Land, and Urban Development, Dr Ali Haidar Ahmed, disclosed this decision during a Parliament's Petitions Committee meeting. The ACC intervened after receiving 7,000 complaints related to the allocation of 4,000 flats, directing the former Housing Ministry to suspend further allocations.
Acknowledging the public concerns, Minister Dr Haidar assured that the government is committed to resolving issues outlined in the ACC directive. While there is no decision to scrap the existing list, efforts are underway to establish a new waiting list, considering individual circumstances rather than relying solely on the housing portal application process. The government aims to create a more environmentally friendly housing policy amid ongoing challenges faced by the public in housing projects.