Commercial Port Set to Shift to Thilafushi, Reshaping Maritime Trade

Maldives Ports Limited (MPL) is set to revolutionize the commercial maritime sector with the planned relocation of the nation's main commercial port. CEO Mohamed Vajeeh Ibrahim revealed the strategic move, signaling a transformative impact on the region's maritime trade.
The decision to move the commercial port to Thilafushi, recognized as the Maldives' industrial capital, reverts to the original plan outlined in 2013. Previously, focus had shifted to Gulhifalhu, with dredging initiated by Boskalis of the Netherlands. This project, allocated MVR 959.2 million in this year's budget, includes dredging Gulhifalhu and developing the main seaport as part of the Greater Male Area's transhipment port.
In an interview with PSM News, MPL's CEO emphasized the significance of the new commercial port for expanding services. Thilafushi, already a hub for MPL operations, is poised to become the international commercial port's new location, addressing congestion and space constraints in the capital.
While full project implementation details are pending, Economic Development and Trade Minister Mohamed Saeed indicated forthcoming announcements. The government acknowledges Thilhafushi's critical role in developing the main commercial port.
As discussions finalize, MPL remains committed to relocating the commercial port to Thilafushi, departing from previous plans for Gulhifalhu's development. This strategic move aligns with MPL's vision of enhancing service capabilities and overcoming existing port limitations in the capital.