Ease of Travel Expands: Maldives Visa Center Now Facilitates Schengen Visas for France, Spain, and Portugal

In a significant development for travelers from the Maldives, the visa application center in Malé has extended its services to include three more European countries: France, Spain, and Portugal. Previously facilitating Schengen visas for countries like Switzerland, Belgium, the Netherlands, Poland, Luxembourg, and Slovenia, the center has now broadened its scope to cater to a growing number of travelers.
The VFS Global joint session visa application center, established in 2020, initially aimed to streamline visa applications for those heading to Europe. The recent collaboration with Switzerland further expanded its offerings. Starting this Sunday, individuals traveling to France, Spain, and Portugal can conveniently obtain their Schengen visas without the need to travel to neighboring countries.
This move eliminates the previous necessity for applicants to journey to Sri Lanka for Schengen visas, marking a more accessible and traveler-friendly process. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs highlighted the increasing trend of Maldivians venturing abroad, particularly to European destinations for vacations. This expansion in visa services aligns with the growing demand and facilitates smoother travel experiences for the rising number of Maldivian globetrotters.