Unlock Instant Perks: Ooredoo's m-Faisaa Users Enjoy 10% Cashback Until November End!

Ooredoo Maldives has kicked off an exclusive limited-time promotion, showering m-Faisaa users with instant rewards. Customers engaging in transactions via m-Faisaa at chosen outlets will experience the joy of a 10% cashback, swiftly deposited into their m-Faisaa wallets. This enticing promotion, available until the culmination of November 2023, not only streamlines digital transactions but also turns each purchase into a rewarding experience.
Premier establishments partaking in this cashback extravaganza include The Black Pearl, Meat Street, Gloria Jeans, Pizza & Pasta Mamma Mia, Hot Dish, and Games at VR Café. As customers indulge in seamless digital payments through m-Faisaa, they simultaneously bask in the gratification of immediate cashback perks.

m-Faisaa, a versatile digital payment solution, facilitates a range of financial activities such as cash deposits, withdrawals, transfers, and merchant payments. Going beyond transactional ease, m-Faisaa extends its services to cover bill payments for various services like STELCO, MWSC, Ooredoo services, MediaNet, and more. Additionally, users can conveniently top up their digital wallets online through BML, SBI, and MIB.
In line with its commitment to social responsibility, m-Faisaa has forged partnerships with charitable foundations, empowering users to contribute to causes close to their hearts. Donation options span a spectrum of organizations, including Cancer Society, Maldives Deaf Association, Kudakudhinge Hiya, Fiyavathi, Moms NGO, and International Aid Campaign.
For both existing and new m-Faisaa users, seizing this exclusive cashback offer is a breeze. The Ooredoo App provides a straightforward sign-up process, ensuring a delightful journey into the world of digital transactions with rewarding perks until November's end.