Voyages Maldives Chosen as Virgin Atlantic's Supervision Agent for Maldives Operations

In a significant development, Voyages Maldives has been selected as the Supervision Agent for Virgin Atlantic, one of the prominent airlines based in the UK. Commencing flights to the Maldives just last Monday, Virgin Atlantic is set to operate thrice weekly flights, enhancing connectivity between the UK and the Maldives.
Voyages Maldives confirmed that Virgin Atlantic's operations will span from November through March 2024. With a rich legacy in diving and cruising services, Voyages Maldives has been a trailblazer in the Maldivian tourism industry, having received the esteemed National Award of Excellence.
Additionally, Voyages Maldives acts as an agent for various international carriers, including Lufthansa, Austrian Airline, Neos, Air France, Bangkok Airways, Beijing Capital Airlines, and ITA Airways. This new partnership with Virgin Atlantic signifies a significant stride forward for Voyages Maldives in shaping the aviation landscape of the Maldives.