Adh. Omadhoo Harbor Development: Building a Maritime Hub for the Future!

Set against the backdrop of the picturesque Adh. Omadhoo, a transformation is underway that promises to reshape the region's maritime landscape. The Adh. Omadhoo Harbor Development Project is in full swing, and it's making waves!

Concrete Progress
The project has recently hit a significant milestone with the delivery of the second shipment of concrete blocks crucial for the construction of the quay wall. As these sturdy blocks find their place, the quay wall block installation is well underway, marking a substantial 51% completion.

A Vision Unfolds
This ambitious endeavor encompasses an array of essential works, including extensive dredging and excavation operations, the construction of a robust quay wall spanning 346 meters, a protective 398-meter breakwater, and a 208-meter revetment. The project also includes the installation of harbor pavement spanning 16,470 square meters, a purpose-built ramp, a concrete jetty measuring 150 meters by 2 meters, and the installation of vital harbor lights and navigational aids.

A Project of Promise
Valued at MVR 66.96 million, the Adh. Omadhoo Harbor Development Project is more than just a construction effort; it's a promise for a brighter maritime future. As progress surges forward, this transformational project will not only bolster regional connectivity but also serve as a beacon of hope for the entire community, opening up new horizons of opportunity.
Stay tuned as Adh. Omadhoo Harbor evolves into a bustling maritime hub, a testament to the power of vision and determination!