Olhamahthaa Eco Park Phase 2: A Green Oasis Blooms in GDh. Hoadedhdhoo with BML Community Fund Support!

Nature enthusiasts, rejoice! The lush Olhamahthaa Eco Park in GDh. Hoadedhdhoo has undergone a remarkable transformation in its second phase, thanks to the support of the BML Community Fund. This eco-conscious initiative is set to be a delightful escape for both locals and eco-tourists.
A Green Revival
The Olhamahthaa Eco Park project, led by Hoadedhdhoo Sports, has flung open its gates to the public. It's not just an upgrade; it's a green revival! The park now boasts newly planted shoreline trees, a pristine forest walkway, five inviting benches, eco-friendly solar lights, a charming hut, and a nursery nurturing mangrove plants.

Community, Nature, and Awareness
Mahdhoon Adam from Hoadedhdhoo Sports shares the project's heartwarming mission: "To provide a designated area for family gatherings and nature photography, increase eco-tourism opportunities, and raise awareness among locals about the forest and its surrounding environment."
The BML Community Fund: Empowering Change
This transformation is a shining example of the positive impact of the BML Community Fund. It empowers NGOs to contribute to their communities through sustainable projects, fostering a sense of environmental stewardship and community pride.
To date, the BML Community Fund has supported 90 projects across the Maldives, making dreams of sustainable community development a vibrant reality.
A Green Haven for All
With the serene Olhamahthaa Eco Park Phase 2 welcoming all, it's time to embrace nature, capture its beauty, and bask in the joys of eco-tourism. This park is not just a green oasis; it's a testament to the power of community-driven change.