Male' City Council Unveils Maldives' Largest Plant Nursery in Hulhumale'

In a vibrant stride toward enhancing the greenery of the Maldives' capital, Male' City Council proudly inaugurated the nation's largest plant nursery in Hulhumale'. The nursery, a pivotal component of the 'Male' Fehi' nurseries initiative, was unveiled on a bright Monday evening by Male' City Mayor Dr. Mohamed Muizzu.
Mayor Muizzu, in his address at the inauguration, highlighted the strategic importance of this nursery in the council's broader efforts to infuse more greenery into the urban landscape of Male'. This endeavor aligns with the council's mission to create a more environmentally sustainable and visually appealing capital.
The nursery boasts an extensive array of plant varieties, ranging from colorful flowers to fruitful trees, including the coveted date palms. These plants will soon be available for purchase, allowing residents to enrich their surroundings with nature's beauty.
One of the nursery's unique features is the enchanting butterfly garden. Mayor Muizzu expressed his optimism that the garden would soon flourish with a diverse array of butterflies. Currently, the garden is already nurturing these delicate creatures, with plans to maintain a consistent presence of 1,000 butterflies across four different species.
This ambitious project exemplifies the Maldives' commitment to environmental conservation and the beautification of its urban centers. As the largest plant nursery in the nation, it not only promises to elevate the visual appeal of Hulhumale' but also encourages residents to embrace the joys of nature within their city.
With this initiative, Male' City Council invites the community to join in their mission of fostering a greener, more sustainable future for the Maldives, one plant and one butterfly at a time.