HDC Seeks Parties To Operate Mechanical Parking Systems In Hulhumale’

Housing Development Corporation (HDC) has announced that it is seeking interested parties to operate the mechanical parking systems located in Hulhumale’. Ten vertical mechanical parking systems have been established in Hulhumale’ in 2017 with the aim of providing a long-term solution for the lack of parking zones in the city. With the residential population of Hulhumale’ increasing rapidly, the need for these mechanical parking systems is realized more than ever today.

HDC is seeking operators for six designated parking systems with a total of 166 parking slots. Interested companies are required to submit proposals to the corporation latest by April 3rd, 2023. Catering exclusively to four-wheeled vehicles, five of the parking systems will have 26 slots for cars while one system will have additional 10 slots.

Although the mechanical parking systems were built in 2017, they have not been in use for the past few years. Financial constraints between HDC and the contractor left the systems incomplete and abandoned for a long time. However, since then the systems have been finished and are now ready to be used for operations. The operation of these systems is expected to bring great ease to parking difficulties in Hulhumale’s residential areas.